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Saturday, 14 July 2012

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mulan 2

Time to Save China Again

Mulan and General Shang are preparing for their marriage when the are sent off on a secret mission. China is being threatened again by a neighboring country and the only way to grant peace is to form an alliance through marriage. The Emperor's three daughters have been given the task to marry the eldest son in Chang'an, China.

Since this is a mission of peace and delicacy is needed Mulan and Shang decide to only take three men with them: the infamous Yao, Ling and Chien-Po. However, things do not go to plan on their journey to Chang'an as the three Princesses fall in love with the three guards and Mulan decides to help them escape the marriage that will cause them unhappiness. However, this goes against Shang's rules and puts strain on their relationship.

Mushu begins to take advantage of this and starts making events happen to break Mulan and Shang up. Mushu has just discovered that if he lets Mulan marry into the Li family then he will lose his position as guardian and return the ancestral resting place as the bell-ringer and servant. Mushu justifies his actions by explaining that he has worked too hard to get where he is now and doesn't want to return to that life and he can see that Mulan is unhappy is just helping things speed along.

China's fate and Mulan and Shang's relationship now hang in the balance and to top it all off they are attacked by Mongolians on the way to Chang'an and lose all of their belongings and dowry for the inevitable marriage that Shang is forcing upon the three Princesses. Can they all set things right, get peace for China, and marry the person they love? Only the great ancestors can help now.

Final Verdict

In my opinion Disney (and most other companies) have a habit of making the second movie in a sequel rubbish. I cannot say that for Mulan 2. I loved this movie and think that it touches on some important topics: duty, honor, and love. Although it seems at times the characters are doing the wrong thing they are actually doing what is right by them and in the end everyone sees the truth in what they are saying and agree that their actions have been for the best.

I think kids will enjoy this movie more this time round as there are many more beautiful dresses and "actual" Princesses are on show and this seems to slot in with Disney's overall theme. However, Mulan and her friends do not let up on the action hero side either, there are plenty of battles and grip the end of your seat moments that will keep you and your youngsters entertained again and again. I can highly recommend this movie to anyone who loved Mulan in her first movie.

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

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Thursday, 5 July 2012


Mulan was Disney's first attempt on the oriental scene where they brought to life a two thousand year old Chinese story. Mulan is certainly an interesting character and one not to be reckoned with. She is not seen as a traditional Disney Princess but she is definitely a very strong, willful and independent female character.  

Mulan's Story

Mulan the Disney Princess is the daughter of Fa Zhou an imperial war hero, however she is having a tough time fitting into society. Mulan is getting ready to meet the Matchmaker but manages to screw up completely which ends up bringing great dishonor to herself and her family. 

Having got home and broken the news to her father a request goes out for all the men to be recruited back into the army as the Huns are on the war path. Fa Zhou, who is already a great war hero, accepts this as a great honor but Mulan contests this as he is badly injured from the previous war. Her father puts her in her place and tells her that he will re-enlist with the army and that's that. Heart-broken Mulan runs out to the court yard and sits in the shelter of the Great Ancestral Guardian where she suddenly has a revelation.

Mulan sneaks back into the house, cuts her beautiful long hair and steals her father's uniform and runs off to the army to take her father's place. However, in the middle of the night her family realize what Mulan has done and asks their ancestors to watch over Mulan: meet Mushu.

Mushu is a great little dragon played by Eddie Murphy and is sent to watch over Mulan and to try and bring her home safe and sound. Mulan has different ideas when she meets Mushu and disguises herself as Ping Zhou.

Ping (Mulan) makes the worst solider and the captain is on the verge of sending her home but then Mulan figures out what she needs to do to become a great solider and help China win the war. The scenes of Ping and her three friends are absolutely fantastic; they teach us perseverance, control, discipline and a whole host of other characteristics needed to be an awesome person.

During the battles with the Hun, Mulan makes some very daring moves that are often hindered but sometimes aided by Mushu. Bless his little red tail though he is trying his best but it never really works out for him, however, he does help Mulan and China win over the Hun in his own special way.

Disney Music

As always the music is great, very catchy and easy to understand. I love the choreographed scenes, especially the one where Mulan is teaching the little kids how to be a "solider", the moves are perfectly timed with the music and just make for a brilliant show.

Some of the more emotional songs such as 'Reflections' allow us to really get a grasp on what Mulan is feeling at the time. There's something about singing your emotions that just make them more real and easier to understand and I think Disney have been using this effect for quite some time.

Mulan the Character

Like I said before, Mulan is not your typical Disney Princess. If you want someone who needs looking after, who needs a man to protect her, a maid to dress her and tend to her every needs then you're watching the wrong dang movie. Mulan is a very independent, strong-minded young women who will do anything to protect her family from harm.

Disney have made a great choice here as I think Mulan is a great role model, especially for children and young girls. When they watch it they learn about freedom and independence but they'll also learn about the consequences of their actions if they don't think about what they are doing or about to do.

Final Verdict

Mulan is a fantastic movie and has become one of my absolute favorites. I can watch this movie over and over again and never get bored. I remember when I was a little girl dancing along to all the fighting moves pretending that I was Mulan fighting the evil Hun - I'm fairly sure this was one of my inspirations for getting into martial arts in the first place!

The way this story is told is great and I find it is suitable for both younger boys and girls. For the boys you have the fighting and solider themes and for the girls you have this "Princess" who is just kick ass! Proving everyone that they are wrong about what she can do and then going about and beyond all that criticism by saving China almost single handedly.

This is a great movie and you should watch it as soon as you can.

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