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Included on each review page is a link to the product where you can normally buy it from Amazon and there may also be products for sale for that review on Zazzle too. However, sometimes you don't want to read the review, you just want to buy the product and be done with it. Well, that's exactly what this page is here to do. Here you can find all the products that we've reviewed for sale on Amazon and any alternative products that you want to customize on Zazzle. 

If you're looking for anything in particular please email or leave a comment on the review post and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Beastslayer: A Gotrek and Felix Novel by William King

Here's the article for commenting or reading.

The Power of Five: Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz

Here's the article for if you want to read or leave a comment.

The Spine of the World

The article for preview of the product or any comments
Dark Elves Do It At Night T-shirt                                                                    

                                                               Dark Elves Do It At Night T-shirt by CustomGameShirts


Predators (2010)

Get to Da Choppa!

                              Get to Da Choppa! by clonecire                        
 Predator by durtyrats


The lovely lady herself:
Pocahontas T Shirts

                               Pocahontas T Shirts by disneyiframe

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo Keychain

                                                  Quasimodo Keychain by Hunchstore

The Lion King

Here's the review.
Simba Tees

Colouring in Book: This has some great Disney pages in it.

                                      Simba Tees

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Pride! Posters

                                                   Pride! Posters by awhitelaw

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